| GNU girl power lounge |
      ___                 ___                 ___              _________
     |   \____           |   \____           |   \____         |_|_|_|_|
     |        |          |        |          |        |        |_|_|_|_|
     |________|          |________|          |________|        |_|_|_|_|
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     |video              |FEMpormances       |writings         |of gigzs
     |audio              |places             |cyberFEM        
     |samples            |girlz              |copyleft         

    | GNU girl power lounge |  is women audio-video collective based on
    publishing materials under GNU general public licence. Performing 
    live music and video, GNUGPL are supporting feminist approaches to
    copyleft concepts. They share cables, switches, lipsticks and they
    stand for DIY, elektro, free software, fancy, riot, copy, parfums...
    through their performances they are expressing their attitudes in new 
    approaches to some old questions. video department/ missL is literally
    visual and playing with nonliner grammar, shooting copyleft messages
    to audience, while audio department/ ghetto booties, are playing electro
    low fi trashy danceable music. GNU GPL is a girl's best friend!!!!